Adopt-A-Family/Senior Program FAQ 2017

What is the Adopt- A -Family/Senior Program?
Our sponsor program matches families and seniors needing help at Christmas with sponsors who wish to provide a food hamper. Those who participate find it a very rewarding experience. Sponsors may be companies, organizations, individuals, and families. If your budget allows please consider sponsoring a larger family or several smaller ones.

How can I help? There are many ways you can help:

  1. FULL SPONSORSHIP: Register to sponsor a family/senior and with help of our shopping list guidelines personally shop for the NON-PERISHABLE hamper items and include small gifts. Hampers will need to be dropped off on Dec 19-20, 2017. A $50 voucher to cover the cost of the perishable items to be purchased directly from AHCS when registering.
  2. FINANCIALLY SPONSORSHIP: We will take care of the food portion of the hampers with your monetary donation and you will provide small gifts if you choose. 
    Sponsorship Costs: 
    FAMILY: $240

  3. FINANCIAL, FOOD OR CLOTHING DONATION: Drop off a food or donation of money, gift cards (please include the store receipt), in any amount. Warm weather clothing in new or good conditions is also needed.

When do I learn about the family/senior I’m preparing a hamper for?

Within a week of the registration, a family/single/senior will be assigned to you. You will be emailed a Sponsorship Package with the composition of your hamper family members and ages. For ex: Mom, 5-year-old-boy & 9-year-old-girl or Senior- female, and any other specifics that the client has provided to be shared such as food allergies, etc.

What is in the Sponsorship Package?

  • Details about your sponsored single/senior/couple or family.
  • Client number
  • A grocery list with the non-perishable items. A voucher for $50 will be purchased from AHCS to cover the perishable items.
  • Details on how to pack your hamper
  • Handy items to add to your hamper if you choose
  • Delivery details
  • In Kind Tax Form

Do I need to include gifts?
Gifts for the children are an important part of the hamper but everyone likes to get gifts especially at Christmas, however it is your choice. If you do decide to purchase gifts we suggest these gifts are valued at about $20-35 each. If you wrap the gifts please labelled with the person it is intended for (mom, dad, boy age 4, etc.) and the client number.

What day and time are the hampers to be delivered?

The hampers need to be delivered on Tuesday, Dec 19 or Wednesday, Dec 20, 10-3pm at the Agassiz- Harrison Community Services, 7086 Cheam Ave.

Will I receive an income tax receipt?

Official tax receipts will be given for financial donations of $25.00 or more.

Tax Receipts are also available for the hamper contents (food less GST) provided that you complete the "In Kind Tax Receipt Form" and submit the original store receipts at the time you drop off your hamper. Charitable gift receipts will be issued for the value of the goods contributed, less taxes.


How do I apply to sponsor?
Contact Agassiz-Harrison Community Services for a copy of the application or download from the link at the bottom of the page. Complete the "Adopt-A-Family/Senior" Sponsor Contact Form and return to AHCS office.

Phone:  604-796-2585            Fax:  604-796-2517
In person: Agassiz-Harrison Community Services, 7086 Cheam Avenue, Agassiz, BC. 9:00-4:30pm Mon-Fri.




Client Registration FAQ 2017

To register for the Christmas Hamper Program please register in person at the Agassiz-Harrison Community Services office, 7086 Cheam Ave. Agassiz, BC.

You will need to provide:

1. Proof of address dated within the last 30 days

2. ID for all family members living in the household


In person
Agassiz-Harrison Community Services
7086 Cheam Ave. 
Agassiz BC

Hours of Operation:
Monday- Friday 9:00-4:30 (Closed for lunch 12:00-1:00)


Please click the donate button to pledge your support for the Agassiz-Harrison Community Services Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program. Remember that any amount will help those less fortunate this Christmas season. Merry Christmas!


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