Substance Use Services

The services provided are:

  • Prevention programs and resource information for surrounding communities and includes collaboration of Substance use counselor, Mental health workers, Public health workers and involved physicians for individual clients.
  • One-one counseling for individuals, couples and families affected by substance use.
  • Recognize concurrent disorders, cross addictions and refer to further support as needed.
  • Group and one on one support and education for School District 78 students that focuses on prevention, substance use and effect with a strong focus being on high risk youth attending the Agassiz Centre for Education (ACE).
  • The Agassiz Harrison Community Services Substance Use Program works in its capacity with any organization or committee that promotes community well-being. The program works with the RCMP, Probation, MCFD, Youth Inclusion Program and Employment Services in supporting prevention initiatives.

The Out Patient Treatment program continues to grow and includes youth and adults being referred into residential treatment.