Valley Youth Centre

The VYC provides youth services, programming, activities, outreach, drop-in hours and other related services to the children and youth of Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs.

The programs are funded through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Contact Agassiz-Harrison Community Services to enquire more about our programs and to obtain any required registration forms.

Middle Years Program​

7-12 years

During the school year, school-based supports are provided at local elementary schools for children dealing with issues of social inclusion, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Children are supported by a middle years worker as they transition into high school. In the summer months, there are planned outdoor activities and out-trips on scheduled days for elementary school aged children.

Youth Outreach

12-18 years

Youth Outreach workers offer one-to-one support, guidance, and advocacy services. They can make specialist referrals as needed. Youth can access support during school hours with parental consent. This support may include schoolwork support, goal setting, social skills building, increasing self-esteem, and psychoeducation for mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

Youth Lunch Program

12-18 years

During the school year youth can drop in at the youth center and enjoy a free prepared lunch on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:15-11:50. On Mondays & Fridays youth can bring their own lunch to eat at the youth center in a safe, welcoming space.

Youth Suicide Prevention

12-18 years

The Youth Suicide Prevention program provides interventions & resources for youth who are experiencing suicide ideation and/or engaging in self-harm. This program provides suicide risk assessment services, short-term one-to-one counselling, short-term support for families of suicidal youth, referrals to other services, as well as suicide prevention education and public awareness.

Youth Justice Program

12-18 years

The Youth Justice Program teaches youth to respect & care for the community by providing role models and encouraging changes in youth lifestyle choices.

This program coordinates community work opportunities for youth required to complete volunteer hours through referral from Youth Probation Services.

Summer Youth Program

12-18 years

In the summer months youth can take part in extended outdoor activities, planned out-trips and camping. In addition, youth can access our drop-in center, where they can find support and advocacy as needed.

Youth Volunteers

16-18 years

Youth may sign up to volunteer at Agassiz-Harrison Community Services and take part in supervised, skill building opportunities. Volunteer hours could be used towards credits required for graduation.

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