Family Support Services

Phone and Zoom counselling sessions are available, as well as in-person. Call 604-796-2585 to book an appointment. 

Family Support Services provide intervention services for the family as a whole and for individual members within the family. Services are offered in family homes, in the community and in the Community Services office.

Family Support services help parents and family members to:

  • Identify and understand personal and family problems
  • Establish goals to address family issues
  • Identify solutions to improve family functioning, resolve conflict. And stabilize family dynamics
  • Take action in improving family communication and family functioning
  • Participate in supervised access visits

Areas of skill development offered in Family Support are:

  • Parenting
  • Managing Parent-Teen conflict
  • Communication
  • Emotional Management
  • Household Management

Accessing and utilizing community networks of support as well as natural supports - the supports of family and friends

Family Support Services are provided honoring the cultural and religious diversity of families. As well, services are provided with a client centered and strength based paradigm to empower parents and children in pursuing the health and well-being of themselves and the family.


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